Mutty blue's Commission Pricing!

♡ Heyo, welcome to my commission pricing page! Below are examples of the type of work I currently offer c: If interested, please get in touch with me via Twitter or Instagram as @mutty_blue ♡

♡ Commission TOS ♡

All payments are made via PayPal or Square invoice; Options for full and half payments availableTurnaround is currently 2-3 weeks; large commissions may require additional timeAdditional characters are +75% of the commission priceA public Trello is available to see your commission’s place in my work queuePartial refunds given if needed before completion of commission; No refunds for completed commissions; if you require a refund before work has started, 10% will be withheld as compensation feePlease let me know if you’d like to keep your commission private; I typically use examples for advertising purposes, they are also displayed in my public work queue on TrelloInfo on NSFW commissions and other details is available at the bottom of this pagePlease feel free to ask me any questions via Twitter or Instagram

♡ Shaded Sketches ♡

Headshot - $15
Half-body - $25
Full-body - $35

♡ Symmetry icon ♡

Flats - $30
Shaded - $40
Make Badge +$20 (free US shipping)

♡ symmetry fullbody ♡

Flats - $50
Shaded - $60
Make Badge +$20 (free US shipping)

♡ FullBody ♡

Includes up to 2 props of any kind~Flats - $70
Simple Shade - $80
Full Render - $100
Additional props +$5 each
Add Rendered Background +$50

Scroll to bottom of page for more info on props and backgrounds

♡ Stylized pet ♡

Starts at $60Add prop +$5/each
Additional pet +$45
Add Rendered Background +$50

Scroll to bottom of page for more info on props and backgrounds

♡ reference sheets ♡

Partial Fursuit - $70
Simple/Fursuit - $100
Standard - $170
Large - $200
XL - $270
Add-ons - +$5-15 (i.e. accessories, clothing)
Partial Fursuit - Front, Side, Back Head views, Hand and Feet Paws, and Tail
Simple - Front and Back
Fursuit - Front, Side, and Back; Facial closeups; 2-6 color palette, name, and species
Standard - Back, Side, and Front view; 1 Headshot
Large - Back, Side, and Front view; 1 Headshot; 3 Close-ups (i.e. eyes, paws, mouth)
XL - Back, Side, and Front view; 3 Headshots; 3 Close-ups
Additional character design assistance fee ranges from $30-45
3 redesign sketches are included in that price, any additional large redesigns will be $10 each; minor changes won't affect priceIncluded in All Sheets (Optional):
♡ Name, Gender, and Species
♡ Color Palette
♡ Simple Background Color

♡ More info ♡

What type of backgrounds are available?
Flat color backgrounds are included in all commissions! But I do like experimenting with halftone and chromatic aberration effects so that is also a free option as well. Rendered backgrounds can currently only be in outdoor natural settings such as beaches, landscapes, gardens, etc.
What's considered a prop?
Handheld items such as weapons, instruments, beverages, etc.
Large accessories such as bags and hats
Pair of shoes of any kind is considered a single prop
Toys of any kind
Unless very intricately detailed, i.e. lace or fine patterns, clothing is NOT considered a prop
Do you take NSFW commissions?
Yes, I do! But I typically enjoy drawing tasteful nudity and femme-leaning body types (of all sizes and genders of course!) so I may be hesitant to accept anything that is hardcore kinky or heavily masculine, but definitely feel free to ask me! If you'd like to commission a NSFW piece, you MUST be at least 18 years old and be able to pay via Stripe or Square only, no exceptions, both accept card payments so having an account for either is not required

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